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Leaves On Heart Black Hills Silver Earrings (SKU: 5424-GS)Leaves On Heart Black Hills Silver Earrings (SKU: 5424-GS)Beautiful heart-shaped earrings accented with Black Hills Gold 12k pink and green leaves
Antiqued Black Hills Silver Rose Ring (SKU: 40879Z-AN-GS)Antiqued Black Hills Silver Rose Ring (SKU: 40879Z-AN-GS)Elegant silver ring featuring a beautiful 4.0 mm White Cubic Zirconia on a black antique rose flower. Decorated with 12k Gold pink and green split leaf. Truly a fashion statement!
Four-Leaf Black Hills Gold Earrings (SKU: 5894)Four-Leaf Black Hills Gold Earrings (SKU: 5894)Beautiful Black Hills Gold Earrings featuring heart-shaped pink and green leaves made of 12k Gold
Black Hills Silver Dangler Earrings (SKU: 50626-GS-SH)Black Hills Silver Dangler Earrings (SKU: 50626-GS-SH)Beautiful Black Hills Silver dangle earrings with shephard hook backs well complemented with 12k pink and green leaves.
Eagle and Onyx Black Hills Silver Ring (SKU: 40157O-GS)Eagle and Onyx Black Hills Silver Ring (SKU: 40157O-GS)Classic sterling silver ring for men. This ring features a majestic eagle against a square black onyx. 12K pink and green leaves of black hills gold further enhance the beauty of it.
Mothers Black Hills Gold Family Cross Pendant (SKU: 2966X)Mothers Black Hills Gold Family Cross Pendant (SKU: 2966X)Mother's family cross pendant accented with a 12k gold pink and green leaf at each end of the cross. This 10k Gold Cross can hold from 1 up to a maximum of 7 genuine 2.5 mm birthstones.
Rose on Heart Black Hills Gold Pendant (SKU: 2656)Rose on Heart Black Hills Gold Pendant (SKU: 2656)This pendant features a beautiful 12k rose and leaves on 10k Gold heart. A complimentary 18 inch 14k gold-filled chain is included
Grape Vines Black Hills Gold Ring (SKU: 4813)Grape Vines Black Hills Gold Ring (SKU: 4813)Unique open design women's gold ring with a grape vine, accented by four pink and three green leaves and grapes. 10K shank, 12K leaves, 10K grapes.
10k Gold Black Hills Heart Shaped Womens Watch (SKU: 9-WB30)10k Gold Black Hills Heart Shaped Womens Watch (SKU: 9-WB30)Heart watch made of 10k Gold. The heart shaped watch band showcases a center heart and 12k Gold leaves. Available in white and black dials.
Legend has it...Good luck comes to all who wear Black Hills Gold Jewelry
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Black Hills Gold Bridal Ring   
We got this set to renew our vows after 25 yrs and it is well made. I ordered the engagement ring separately and installed a 1k diamond which turned out just perfect for the occasion. We are very pleased with our choice.


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Our brilliant wedding jewelry collection includes wedding rings, bridal sets and matching rings for men and women.
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Classic or contemporary? We have them all! Browse our huge selection of Women's Rings to find your perfect ring.
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black hills gold family tree pendant
Mothers Jewelry collection including 10k gold mothers rings and Sterling silver mothers rings can be customized with 13 different birthstones.
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Beautiful  pendants, necklaces and lockets made of 10k Gold and silver.
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Wide assortment of men's rings in Gold and Silver. Includes diamond rings, eagle rings, masonic rings and more.
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Beautiful designs of earrings includes hoops, danglers, nature earrings and more.
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black hills gold watch
Elegant assortment of
mens watches and ladies watches. Comes with expansion bands to fit all sizes.
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black hills gold onyx and cubic zirconia pendant
Stunning Collection of gemstone Jewelry. Also includes Coleman's classic onyx jewelry and Opal Jewelry.
Black Hills Gold Bracelet
Looking for a perfect gift? or simple looking to pamper yourself? Our bracelets are great for any occasions.
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Many people believe that black hills gold jewelry is a particular type of gold, but is a design of fine jewelry that is born out of a legend. The design of the product traditionally styles grape leaves, grape vines and grape clusters into the motif. The history of this unique jewelry dates to mid Eighteen Hundreds.

Black Hills Gold History Native Indian tribes lived in Black Hills region for many centuries. They believed that the region was the center of the entire world and thus treated it as a sacred place. In the late Eighteen Sixties, Gold was found in this region which attracted white settlement. Deadwood city became the mining town for gold.

Legend of Black Hills Gold Jewelry

According to the legend, a French goldsmith named Henri Le Beau became lost during the "gold rush days" of the middle 1870s in the Black Hills of South Dakota and fell asleep believing he was dying of thirst and starvation. During a dream, he saw a mountain stream with grapevines growing on its banks.

Upon awakening, he walked over a rise and found the stream and grapevines just as he had in his dream and, out of gratitude, dedicated his life and talents to creating jewelry in the shapes of grape clusters and leaves fashioned in rose, green and yellow gold. The style of jewelry actualized by LeBeau has become a tradition, and today’s jewelry reflects much of its original design—with a wide range of new variations.

Today a series of 40 different steps are necessary to capture the same dramatic detail in our traditional and contemporary designs.

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