Black Hills Gold Mt. St. Helens Jewelry Collection
Mount. St. Helens Jewelry at affordable prices...
Black Hills Gold Mount. St. Helens Jewelry Beautiful collection of Black Hills Gold Mount. St. Helens Jewelry. made in 10k gold or sterling silver with bright Helenite as center stone.

Helenite, also known as Mount St. Helens obsidian or emerald obsidianite is a synthetic gemstone made from the fused volcanic rock dust from Mount St. Helens. Helenite comes in various red, green and blue varieties.

Black Hills Gold Mount St. Helens Jewelry

Each piece of our Black Hills Gold Mount. St. Helens Jewelry is handcrafted by highly skilled and talented artisans. All jewelry comes with manufacturer's lifetime warranty and guarantee against defects in material and workmanship.
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