Black Hills Gold Masonic Rings from Coleman

Black Hills Gold Masonic Rings
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It is known that freemason rings make a statement about the person who wears one.

Black hills gold masonic rings we carry are manufactured by coleman at the black hills of south dakota.  These rings are made of 10k gold or sterling silverand comes with Coleman's life time warranty against any defects in workmanship and materials. These freemason rings can be ordered from size  9 to  size 16  Available in half sizes too.

Normally masons wear freemason ring after completing their third degree. We offer black hills gold freemason rings as well as past master rings. The freemason ring will have a square and compasss with a G at the middle. The grand master ring or past master ring will have a square, compass and quadrant with the sun at
the center.

How do I wear a free mason ring?
Should I wear the ring with the points of legs of compass facing towards me or facing away from me? Masonic Service Association of North America says the ring can be worn either way. The points facing the  mason reminds him of his obligations. The points facing away shows an open outward sign of the mason's authenticity as a Master Mason.
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