Black Hills Gold Nature Earrings
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Bird And Flower Black Hills Gold Earrings (SKU: 5715)
Black Hills Gold 10k Butterfly Earrings (SKU: A172P)
Black Hills Gold 10k Dreamcatcher Earrings (SKU: ER866)
Black Hills Gold Bear Earrings (SKU: 5778)
Black Hills Gold Butterfly Earrings (SKU: 5502)
Black Hills Gold Clover Earrings (SKU: 50276)
Black Hills Gold Dragonfly Earrings in Silver (SKU: ER863P-SS)
Black Hills Gold Humming Bird Earrings (SKU: 50297)
Black Hills Gold Humming Bird Earrings in Silver (SKU: 01596-SS)
Black Hills Gold Hummingbird Earrings (SKU: 01373)
Black Hills Gold Maple Leaf Earrings (SKU: 50722-SH)
Black Hills Silver Butterfly Earrings (SKU: 5892-GS)
Black Hills Silver Bear Earrings (SKU: 5778-GS)
Black Hills Silver Clover Earrings (SKU: 50276-GS)
Black Hills Silver Dragonfly Earrings (SKU: ER947-SS)
Black Hills Silver Dreamcatcher Earrings (SKU: ER866-SS)
Black Hills Silver Eagle Earrings (SKU: ER1933-SS)
Black Hills Silver Earrings (SKU: 50596-LB-GS-10)
Black Hills Silver Flower Earrings with leaves and grapes (SKU: 50735-GS)
Black Hills Silver Plumeria Earrings .10TW Diamond (SKU: ER1X-SS)
Black Hills Whimsical Butterfly Earrings (SKU: ER1924PD-SS)
Butterfly Black Hills Silver Earrings (SKU: ER3000-SS)
Dragonfly Black Hills Silver Earrings with Citrine and Garnet (SKU: 50508CG-GS-SH)
Gold Dragonfly Black Hills Earrings (SKU: 50508)
Hummingbird Black Hills Silver Earrings (SKU: ER1935-SS)
Silver Black Hills Butterfly Earrings (SKU: MRL01668)
Each piece of our Black Hills Gold nature earrings are handcrafted by highly skilled and talented artisans. Black hills gold nature earrings with post backs have 14K gold posts and backs.
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