Black Hills Gold Pendants

Black Hills Gold Pendants made of 10k Gold
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10K Black Hills Gold Double Leaf Pendant (SKU: G2447)
10K Black Hills Gold Necklace with 12K Leaves (SKU: GLNE3697)
10k Gold Black Hills Necklace with Leaves and Grapes (SKU: GL03611-SN)
10k Gold Grapes and Leaves Pendant (SKU: GLPE333)
10k Gold Necklace with Grapes and Leaves (SKU: GLF3108)
10k Gold Necklace with Heart Leaves on Vines (SKU: GL03653)
10k Gold Necklace with Two Stack Leaves and Grapes (SKU: GL03656)
10k Gold Pendant Necklace (SKU: GLF3136)
10k Grapes and Leaves Necklace (SKU: GLPE439)
10k Leaves and Grapes on Vine Necklace (SKU: GL03630)
Black Hills 10k Two Leaf Necklace (SKU: GLE303)
Black Hills Gold 10K Pendant with Leaves (SKU: GLE373)
Black Hills Gold Circle Pendant (SKU: F3151)
Black Hills Gold Snowflake Pendant (SKU: 03225)
Black Hills Gold Vine Necklace from Landstroms (SKU: GL03753-SN)
Black Hills Necklace with Leaves and Grapes (SKU: GL03607)
Black Hills Two Leaf 10k Gold Pendant with Chain (SKU: GL03610-SN)
Classic Black Hills Gold 10k Necklace (SKU: GLE302)
Free Form Necklace from Landstroms (SKU: GLPE1915)
Gold Swirl Pendant with Leaves (SKU: GLPE3697)
Grapes on Vine Black Hills Gold Pendant (SKU: GC2968)
Heart Black Hills 10k Gold Three Leaf Pendant (SKU: GL03657)
Landstroms Black Hills 10k Necklace (SKU: GLNE357)
Landstroms Classic Leaf Festoon Necklace (SKU: GLE357)
Landstroms Four Leaf on Vines Necklace (SKU: GLE362)
Split Leaf Pendant Necklace (SKU: GLPE829)
Two Color Gold Feather Pendant (SKU: GLPE828)
Two Leaf 10k Gold Necklace (SKU: GLPE447)
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