Black Hills Gold Wedding Rings

Black Hills Gold Wedding Rings - Cherished for Generations

Black Hills Gold Wedding Ring
Our Wedding Rings collection from Landstroms and Mt.Rushmore features beautiful bridal sets, engagement rings, anniversary rings and matching wedding bands for women and men in 10k Gold and Sterling Silver.  
Legend has it...Good luck comes to all who wear Black Hills Gold Jewelry
Black Hills Gold Bridal Sets
  Wedding Ring set with engagement ring and wedding band for women.  view all button
Black Hills Gold Wedding Rings and Black Hills Gold Anniversary Rings
  Promise rings, dimaond wedding rings, anniversary rings m 10k Gold and Sterling Silver. 
Black Hills Gold Matching Wedding Rings
  Matching wedding rings for women and men.
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Jewelry You Can Trust - All our black hills wedding rings are heirloom quality which can be cherished for generations. They are made in Rapid City, South Dakota and shipped with manufacturer's lifetime warranty against materials and workmanship.  Maintaining the traditional process of jewelry making, all are hand made by highly skilled artisans and inspected in every step of the process with the commitment of highest quality.
  • Quality - All our diamonds are SI2 clarity with JK colors.
  • Can't find? - If you can't find the black hills gold wedding rings you have in mind within our online catalog, e-mail us and we will do our best to locate it through our manufacturer.
  • Custom Ordering  - Some engagement rings are shown along with the wedding bands. If you wish to purchase them separately, please email us for the pricing.
  • Ordered a wrong ring size? - No worries! your ring can be resized for a very nominal charge.
Recent Customer Review
black hills gold wedding band
   "This is exactly what I wanted. The detail does not go all the way around but it is not visible because the band flattens right at the very that it is not a nuisance. I love love it and knowing that it is coming from Rapid City gives me confidence in the quality. It did come with a certificate of authenticity from Coleman       - Karlene, Texas

Featured Black Hills Gold Wedding Rings

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History of Wedding Rings

The tradition of young men giving their would-be bride an engagement ring has evolved over thousands of years.It started with grass ring during the cavemen period . In due course the grass gave way to more durable materials - leather, amber, flint, ivory and these in turn gave way to still more lasting materials - iron, bronze, copper, silver, gold and today platinum.

Historians seem to agree that engagement rings were used long before the wedding rings. Also agreed is the fact that Romans used engagement rings atleast as far back as the second century B.C. It was not until the English reformation that the bride received two rings - engagement ring at the time of plighting the troth and wedding ring at the wedding ceremony.

In America, a number of styles have favored over the years. During colonial times, the most popular engagement ring was the cluster ring, composed of rose-cut diamonds set around a larger stone. Hoop rings, also popular as engagement rings in colonial days, looked like the wedding rings of the present days, because they had small diamonds all around the finger. Like ring guard, they were meant to keep the wedding band in its place.During victorial era, rings became fancier, and were often made of yellow gold elaborately decorated with enamel.

In late 1800s, the favorite wedding ring was a plain wide gold band. At the beginning of 20th century, platinum became the vogue as a setting for the diamond solitaire engagement ring. A companion ring to the wedding band is the wedding guard ring, originally worn to keep the wedding band from slipping off the finger, but now popular as an additional adornment worn along with the wedding ring.

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