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Black Hills Gold Wedding Ring
Our Black Hills Gold Wedding Rings collection features beautiful bridal sets, engagement rings, anniversary rings and matching wedding bands for women and men in 10k Gold and Sterling Silver.  
Legend has it...Good luck comes to all who wear Black Hills Gold Jewelry
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Black Hills Gold Wedding Rings and Black Hills Gold Anniversary Rings
Collection of black hills gold wedding rings and black hills gold anniversary rings. 
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Black hills gold matching wedding rings for the bride & the groom.
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   "The ring was very nice. It was for my wedding and the quality of the ring is           very good. Would order jewerly again."


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History of Wedding Rings

The tradition of young men giving their would-be bride an engagement ring has evolved over thousands of years.It started with grass ring during the cavemen period . In due course the grass gave way to more durable materials - leather, amber, flint, ivory and these in turn gave way to still more lasting materials - iron, bronze, copper, silver, gold and today platinum.

Historians seem to agree that engagement rings were used long before the wedding rings. Also agreed is the fact that Romans used engagement rings atleast as far back as the second century B.C. It was not until the English reformation that the bride received two rings - engagement ring at the time of plighting the troth and wedding ring at the wedding ceremony.

In America, a number of styles have favored over the years. During colonial times, the most popular engagement ring was the cluster ring, composed of rose-cut diamonds set around a larger stone. Hoop rings, also popular as engagement rings in colonial days, looked like the wedding rings of the present days, because they had small diamonds all around the finger. Like ring guard, they were meant to keep the wedding band in its place.During victorial era, rings became fancier, and were often made of yellow gold elaborately decorated with enamel.

In late 1800s, the favorite wedding ring was a plain wide gold band. At the beginning of 20th century, platinum became the vogue as a setting for the diamond solitaire engagement ring. A companion ring to the wedding band is the wedding guard ring, originally worn to keep the wedding band from slipping off the finger, but now popular as an additional adornment worn along with the wedding ring.

  • Quality - All our diamonds are SI2 clarity with JK colors.
  • Warranty- Our Black Hills Gold Jewelry come with a cerificate of authentication and lifetime warranty against defects in material and workmanship from the manufacturer.
  • Can't find? - If you can't find the black hills gold wedding rings you have in mind within our online catalog, e-mail us and we will do our best to locate it through our manufacturer.
  • Custom Ordering - Some of the anniversary rings are shown along with the wedding bands. If you wish to purchase them seperately, please email us for the pricing.
  • Ordered a wrong ring size? - No worries! your ring can be resized for a very nominal charge.

Getting started guide to buying your perfect Black Hills Gold Diamond Ring

Diamonds are valued according to the 4 C's - cut, color, clarity and carat.
  • Cut - A stone's cut referes to the number, placement and shape of the facets that create a finished diamond.
  • Color - Diamond rings vary widely in hue, from the blue of Hope Diamnd to starting shades of violet, red, pink, amber, orange and canary yellow. Color grades developed by Gemological Institute of America (GIA) for the vastly more common yellow diamond range from D(color less diamond) to Z (light yellow diamond). Other colors are called Fancy.
  • Clarity - The clarity of a diamond depends on how clear or clean it is, in otherwords how free it is of imperfections on the outside and inside when viewed with the naked eye and with a 10x magnifying glass.
  • Carat - A carat is unit of weight to measure diamonds( not to be confused with the Karat which indicates the purity of gold). The carat is standardized at 200 milligrams. Diamond weights are also referred to in points. One carat equals 100 points.
Diamond shapes and cuts

Shape :- Indicates the actual outline of the stone.
Cut :- Relates to the craftmanship and faceting of the stone.

The following are the popular styles of cutting a diamond.
Round - The most common brilliant-cut diamond, it has 58 facets.We carry a variety of Black Hills Gold diamond rings with round cut diamonds.
Oval - Oval cut diamond rings are perfect for those who like the concept of round cut, but are looking for something a little different.
Pear - Cutlike a round stone but with an extra little bit at the top. Black Hills Gold diamond rings with Pear cut diamonds are for brides who prefer not to follow the convention.
Princess - A newer cut, the square-shaped princess has intricate faceting for extra sparkle.
Emerald - While this rectangle shape may not have the same brilliance as other shapes, emerald cut diamond rings' quiet elegance appeals to many brides
Each piece of our Black Hills Gold Wedding Rings is handcrafted by highly skilled and talented artisans. All jewelry comes with manufacturer's lifetime warranty and guarantee against defects in material and workmanship. Also get offers on Black Hills Gold Jewelry Black Hills Gold BraceletBlack Hills Gold EarringsBlack Hills Gold NecklaceBlack Hills Gold WatchBlack Hills Gold Engagement Rings
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