Black Hills Silver Earrings
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Angel Black Hills Silver Earrings (SKU: MRC5849-GS)
Angel on the Heart Black Hills Silver Earrings (SKU: MRC50213-GS)
Antiqued Black Hills Gold Earrings in Sterling Silver (SKU: MRC50288AN-GS)
Antiqued Cross Silver Earrings (SKU: MRLER958PD)
Antiqued Demi Hoop Black Hills Silver Earrings (SKU: MRC50360ANGS)
Antiqued Oval Shaped Black Hills Silver Earrings (SKU: MRLER1709)
Antiqued Semi Hoop Silver Earrings (SKU: MRLER3036)
Black Hills Gold Dragonfly Earrings in Silver (SKU: ER863P-SS)
Black Hills Gold Earrings in Sterling Silver with 12K Gold Leaves (SKU: MRLER1944)
Black Hills Gold Humming Bird Earrings in Silver (SKU: 01596-SS)
Black Hills Gold Pear Shaped 9X6 MM Turquoise Earrings (SKU: 50759FBRSH)Black Hills Gold Pear Shaped 9X6 MM Turquoise Earrings (SKU: 50759FBRSH)
Black Hills Semi Hoop Silver Earrings (SKU: MRL01015)
Black Hills Silver Hoop Earrings (SKU: MRC5903-GS)
Black Hills Silver Hoop Earrings (SKU: 50279-GS)
Black Hills Silver Cross Earrings (SKU: 01311-SS)
Black Hills Silver Dragonfly Earrings with Onyx and Cubic Zirconia (SKU: MRC50508ZOFGS)
Black Hills Silver Dreamcatcher Earrings (SKU: ER866-SS)
Black Hills Silver Earrings with 12K Gold Leaves (SKU: MRLER2317)
Black Hills Silver Earrings with 12k Gold Leaves from Landstroms (SKU: ER1940-SS)
Black Hills Silver Freeform earrings (SKU: MRLER3209)
Black Hills Silver Heart Earrings (SKU: MR3553)
Black Hills Silver Hoop Earrings (SKU: 01554-SS)
Black Hills Silver Horseshoe Earrings (SKU: MRC50350-GS)
Black Hills Silver Mystic Fire Earrings (SKU: ER625P-SS-471)
Black Hills Silver Onyx Earrings (SKU: ER1353PD-SS)
Black Hills Silver Opal Earrings (SKU: ER3249-SS)
Black Hills Silver Oval Earrings (SKU: MRC50646-GSSH)
Black Hills Silver Semi Hoop Earrings (SKU: MRC5973-GS)
Black Hills Silver Shoe Earrings (SKU: MRL01757)
Black Hills Silver Snow Flake Earrings (SKU: ER972-SS)
Black Hills Silver Spiral Earrings (SKU: MRLER3697)
Black Hills Silver Swirl earrings (SKU: MRLER1915)
Black Hills Silver Teardrop Earrings with a 12k Gold Split Leaf (SKU: ER1004-SS)
Black Hills Sterling Silver Teardrop Earrings , 12k Gold Leaves (SKU: 50854-GS-SH)Black Hills Sterling Silver Teardrop Earrings , 12k Gold Leaves (SKU: 50854-GS-SH)
Dangling Earrings on Sterling Silver (SKU: MR3350LR)
Dangling Opal Heart Earrings (SKU: MRLER3046)
Double Oval Dangling Sterling Silver Black Hills Gold Earrings (SKU: 50875-GS-SH)
Feather Earrings with Shepherd Hooks (SKU: MRLER1925)
Genuine Tanzanite Black Hills Earrings (SKU: ER1778-SS-455)
Heart Black Hills Silver Earrings (SKU: MRC50242-GS)
Heart Earrings in Black Hills Silver (SKU: 01013-SS)
Hoop Earrings with Leaves (SKU: MRLER999)
Horsehead Silver Earrings (SKU: MRLER626)
Horseshoe Antiqued Earrings (SKU: MRLER846P)
Horseshoe Cameo Silver Earrings (SKU: MRLER654P-152)
Interlocking Double Heart Earrings (SKU: MRLER3101)
Landstroms Black Hills Aniqued Semi Hoop Earrings (SKU: ER3037-SS)
Landstroms Black Hills Dangle Earrings (SKU: MRLER336)
Landstroms Black Hills Sterling Silver Earrings (SKU: MRLER3763)
Landstroms Silver Ball Post Earrings (SKU: MRLER629PD)
Landstroms Silver Dangle Earrings (SKU: MRLER3698)
Landstroms Silver Opal Heart Earrings (SKU: MRLER628P)
Landstroms Sterling Silver Diamond Ring .16 tw (SKU: LR2303X-SS)
Landstroms Sterling Silver Semi Hoop Earrings with 12K Leaves (SKU: MRLER3038)
Landstroms Sterling Silver Shepherd Hook Earrings (SKU: MRLER2315)
Landstroms White Powder Coat Snow Flake Earrings in Sterling Silver (SKU: MRLER972WHT)
Mystic Fire Dangling Earrings (SKU: MRLER968PD471)
Mystic Fire Earrings in Black Hills Silver (SKU: ER564P-SS-471)
Mystic Fire Silver Ball Post Earrings (SKU: MRLER483PD471)
Mystic Fire Silver Earrings with Shepherd Hook Back and 12K Leaves (SKU: MRLER3765-471)
Oxidized Black Hills Silver Cross Earrings (SKU: MRC50633-OXGS)
Oxidized Black Hills Silver Earrings (SKU: MRC50634OXGSH)
Pear Shaped Onyx Black Hills Silver Earrings (SKU: MRC5966O-F-GS)
Rectangle Silver Earrings (SKU: MRLER903)
Rose Flower Silver Earrings (SKU: MRLER632P)
Round Drop Silver Earrings (SKU: MRLER1006)
Silver April Birthstone Earrings (SKU: MRLER1778-304)
Silver August Birthstone Earrings (SKU: MRLER1778-308)
Silver Black Hills Butterfly Earrings (SKU: MRL01668)
Silver Butterfly Earrings with Post Backs (SKU: MRLER610)
Silver Circle Shepherd Hook Earrings (SKU: MRLER1003)
Silver Dangling Swirl Earrings (SKU: MRLER2310)
Silver December Birthstone Earrings (SKU: MRLER1778-312)
Silver Drop Earrings (SKU: MRLER984)
Silver Earrings with 12K Gold Leaves and Shepherd Hook Back (SKU: MRLER1148)
Silver Earrings with Heart (SKU: MRLER644P)
Silver Feather Earrings from Landstroms (SKU: MRLER828)
Silver February Birthstone Earrings (SKU: MRLER1778-302)
Silver Flip Flops with 12k accents (SKU: MRLER836P)
Silver Freeform Earrings from Landstroms (SKU: MRLER3231)
Silver Freeform Fashion Earrings (SKU: MRLER3762)
Silver January Birthstone Earrings (SKU: MRLER1778-301)
Silver July Birthstone Earrings (SKU: MRLER1778-307)
Silver June Birthstone Earrings (SKU: MRLER1778-306)
Silver March Birthstone Earrings (SKU: MRLER1778-303)
Silver May Birthstone Earrings (SKU: MRLER1778-305)
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Each piece of our Black Hills Silver earrings are handcrafted by highly skilled and talented artisans.
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