Black Hills Gold Garnet Jewelry

Garnet - January Birthstone

Love is one of the most powerful emotions we experience. Perhaps this is why so many semi percious stones are linked to this strong emotion. Garnet is one of the very popular stones that has strong connections to the power of love. The name comes from the latin word for Pomegranate, because garnet crystals in rocks looked like pomegranate seeds. Garnet can be found in many areas of the world including the United States, India, Australia and Brazil.

Garnet has historical and mythlogical background. During 19th century, garnet became very fashionable. Legends claim that garnets are healing stones and can cure skin problems and help regulate blood flow. Other powers associated with this stone include protection and strength.

Garnet: Powers include healing, love friendship, protection and strength

Black Hills Gold Garnet Jewelry

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More collection available at Black Hills Gold Gemstone Jewelry section. Most of the gemstone jewelry designs can be customized with garnet stones.
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